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Mandelbread and Old Boyfriends

This post was drafted mostly during the 2015 Thanksgiving-Christmas season and is being posted in time for Easter, which somehow seems fitting. For the record, life is pretty good right now.  Life has been challenging here in Hollywood of late. … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Ruthless…or Not

I’d better write something fast. Herb, the sweet guy at Cedars who books my outpatient appointments, is worried that I’m going to lose my skills if I don’t get a job soon. Not going to happen, Herb. Besides, I’m practicing … Continue reading

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WordPress play

I took a fabulous photo of the pool with my new toy, er, iPad. That was the easy part. I was just sitting there at the marble table in the corner, and it occurred to me that I had the … Continue reading

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Still Finding My Inner Babe After All These Years

The past two weeks have been about as intense at it gets here in my little corner of Hollywood. My very full plate included “shipping” a magazine (a quaint term harking back to the days when we physically shipped the … Continue reading

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In Case You Thought the Rainbow Was West on Sunset

To all who have inquired as to whether I’m wet enough, the answer is, not yet. The torrential rains unleashed on California have stopped, at least for a few days. Driving east into Hollywood between storms yesterday, I felt like … Continue reading

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Lunch at Sammy’s

Just to say I’ve done it, I’m tapping this out on my new iPhone. The accompanying photo shows my favorite lunch at McCarran Airport. Leaving Las Vegas has never been so fun My colleagues and I tromp through Terminal C … Continue reading

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Moon Shots

Thursday I got to do the most fun part of my job—I went to the studio to do videos. Who knew when I was graduating from Northwestern with that degree in speech that I would never use because I was … Continue reading

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