Lunch at Sammy’s

Just to say I’ve done it, I’m tapping this out on my new iPhone. The accompanying photo shows my favorite lunch at McCarran Airport. Leaving Las Vegas has never been so fun My colleagues and I tromp through Terminal C at McCarran a couple of times a year. We discovered Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill in summer ’09, not long after it opened. Just being waited on made a welcome change from our usual Sbarro and Burger King options, but the food at Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar’s new place was pretty good–kind of a Caribbean-Mexican-American conglomeration. Plus, you could drink–lots of juice and tequila along with the usual sports bar assortment–and they card everyone, which is charming if you’re my age and are in the right mood.

I ordered the hot dog, something I never do unless I’m in Chicago, at Pink’s or at Tail of the Pup, but I wasn’t that hungry. A work weekend like the one we were winding up leaves you keyed up and welcoming of something made with tequila and fruit juice. So I was almost overwhelmed when the hot dog that emerged from Sammy’s kitchen was a footlong.

Jokes were made. Somebody (possibly me) dubbed it the “Milton Berle of Hot Dogs,” a reference to something not comedic the legendary comic was also legendary for. Similar names were bestowed in honor someone in our industry who is reputed to be talented in that particular way. (People in our industry often wear skimpy bathing suits, so that’s not as voyeuristic as it sounds.)
Since that episode we’ve stopped at Sammy’s every time we’ve passed through the Vegas airport. A few weeks ago in one such weekend we were leaving at different times and on different days, and I found myself and my brand-new phone alone at the counter at Sammy’s with Uncle Miltie. The glass contains orange juice and blood-orange juice, along with the tequila, and it was very refreshing.

Yeah, I know the pic isn’t as sharp as it could be-but the composition is delicious.

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